In the portrait catagory you will see a series of 12 x 16 in. paintings. I am working with an organization called Painting for Good Causes.These portraits are of foster kids needing adoption or of Veterans. I donate these to the organization. Sadly the lady who ran this great organization passed away from cancer in October 2020. Murals are painted directly on the wall or on canvas( with polyester fibers to prevent shrinkage ) and are applied with wallpaper paste. The rolls of canvas can be up to 12 ft. high and they are 18 ft. long. They can be painted in either acrylic or oils and can be shipped anywhere. When I paint a mural I always paint what the client is looking for so there is a lot of back and forth from preliminary sketch to the finished project. Although the best way to capture the scene is to paint on site it is not always practical. I have built up an extensive libray to use as source material.Western Pennsylvania is the source for a lot of my own paintings these are done on streched canvas or panels.  I do offer Gilcee prints of some of my paintings. The Gilcee process produces a remarkable reproduction of the original and has changed the print world. When prints were made or pulled by hand it was important to number them because of the wear (in the case of etchings) on the plate. This would cause the later prints to vary from the earlier prints. With Gilcee your first print will match any following prints no matter how many you make. With that being said, I understand the desire to have a unique image. I have decided to limit the number of prints to 25 at the full size of the painting and I will sign and number them. I will also offer different sizes usually half size, but these will not numbered.






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